Welcome to the new home of New England Birds Plus and my attempt to share images, video, audio and a tale or two from my travels throughout New England and across this beautiful country of ours. Thanks for stopping by! Phil Brown

From Photo Shoots In Boston

I’ve made a few trips into Boston with my good friend and fellow Posse Member Gary Smith out of Maine, something we need to do a bit more often.

To Trips Out West With The Posse

The desert southwest has a particularly strong draw on me from the small towns that time seems to have passed by to the peace and tranquility found out in red rock country.

Or Adventures in Arizona

I’ve made several birding trips to Arizona through the years and recommend southern Arizona to anyone looking for more Hummingbirds than you can shake a stick at.

To Owls In The Yard

An Eastern Screech Owl peering out from the Owl box in the yard prior to heading out for the evening’s hunt.

Sounds From The Backyard

A few minutes with some young Cooper’s Hawks calling around the yard with several American Crows and a few Ruby-throated Hummingbirds buzzing around the feeders in the back yard.

Hummingbirds At The Feeders

Or a few Hummingbirds at the window feeder in the backyard.

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