Sounds of the Night – Essex

I’ve been recording the night sounds around the house for the past few weeks as the weather allows and have been surprised by the variety of birds that are out and about at night.

The usual suspects Barred Owls calling most nights, Screech Owls occasionally, a Great Horned once and loads of Coyotes. 

The night of September 08, 2017 saw an increase in the number of birds migrating over the house. I’ve included a sample below of 5 different calls given between 1 and 4am with the last sounding like a Dickcissel to my ear. 

Any thoughts to the identity of the 1st 4 calls would be appreciated.

There’s a brief bit of silence between the different recordings.

The Coyotes were recorded on August 31, 2017, they were loud enough to wake me up at 2:45am and were awfully close to the house.

After a single Coyote calls for a bit they really get fired up at the 57 second mark

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