Vultures In Essex County

Vultures Nesting In Essex County

Thanks to several friends that were kind enough to share the general location (which will not be shared for the sake of future generations) of this Vulture nest I was able to visit every so often to see how the youngsters progressed from a pair of eggs on the floor of a rock outcropping to almost fledged juveniles ready to effortlessly soar among the clouds in search of that next meal of something oh so dead and smelly….:)

A pair of Turkey Vulture eggs - May 28, 2018
The young Vultures on June 17, 2018

As you can see above the young Vultures waste no time going from an egg to something recognizable and with a good set of “vocal chords” though not very melodious…..:) as they do their best to scare me off.

June 24, 2018

A return visit on June 24 found the two fluffy youngsters hissing at me again. The adult Vultures made a brief flyover so our stay was quite brief.

The two images above were taken on July 15, 2018 and show the still down covered youngsters starting to gain their flight and body feathers.

This audio was captured on July 4, 2018 with a parabolic dish giving both the Vultures and myself ample distance to feel “safe”.

The image on the right was taken on July 29, 2018 and shows both young Vultures (the 2nd youngster is hiding under the rock overhang above it’s sibling) with the bulk of their feathers and more than a bit of down. 

My next visit in mid August should find them off the nest and roosting nearby. They’ll leave the area around the nest towards the end of the month joining their parents and most of the other Turkey Vultures as they head south for the winter in a milder climate.

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